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Promenade des Anglais ​

The square is a junction of several boulevards which seems the backyard of Promenade des Anglais. You can take a comprehensive view of the most famous restaurants and boutique shops of the city from the Place Masséna.  Promenade des Anglais looks buzzing and gorgeous with full of refreshing air and blue water. It’s an ideal place for the holiday due to festive and cultural occasions of the Côte d'Azur. The beach is a 2-minute walk away from Place Masséna Square. The public volleyball courts and sun loungers on the beach provide you immense experience for your leisure. The long Promenade des Anglais stretches for 7 kilometers making it ideal for many sports such as rollerblading, bicycling and running while absorbing the beautiful scenery!However, before 1979, Place Masséna was overcrowded due to the presence of Masséna Casino. But after the demolition of the casino, the spot becomes spacious and less dense to the pedestrians. 

Place Masséna - Epicenter of Nice

All You Should Need to Visit Place Masséna, the Heart of NiceThe epicenter of Nice, the Place Masséna, displays splendid color splash. The famous scenery with the colourful buildings surrounding the square is wonderful contrast with the blue and clear sky seen . The square is an excellent junction for the pedestrians because of numerous shops for upmarket to homemade souvenir shops. The heart of the city Nice, is one of the 5 sunniest places in France. It has beautiful and multicultural square and sunny beach to enjoy your time.ABA Luxury Bed & Breakfast offers to enjoy your time to a stone away distance from Pormenad des Anglais.The Place Masséna is a real Mediterranean square located between Old Nice and the newer part of the city. Thousands of coffee shops and department stores offer excellent opportunities for shopping and relaxing.Place Masséna is called to mind as a historical spot of Nice. It is named after the great marshal Andre Masséna. He was the military commander during French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. He was called L’Enfant chéri de la Victoire (“the Dear Child of Victory”) by Napoleon. 

Events & Shopping

Moreover, the Place Masséna plays a pivotal role or arranging and celebrating the famous Carnaval de Nice. In each February, the carnival is held in Nice on the French Riviera.  Famous streets for shopping and relaxingThe streets are poured encourager Les autres for shopping from upmarket to the street market. The boulevard of Nice is full of cafes and restaurants. On the other hand, if you’re figurative in the shopping, you can go to Rue Massena to Cours Saleya. Also, don’t forget to pay a look on the Avenue de Verdun to Rue Paradis where you will find the high end stores which represents French fashion; Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Chanel and the international well know fashion and Jewellery brands. You’ll find here sterling pearl neckless to socca boards. Even olive jams and provencal fabric will lure as you wait with a wheel and fishhook to catch a fish.  ​The well known exclusive Department stores Layfaette is found in the very Place Masséna square too .​Moreover, you can continue your shopping experience in Avenue Jean Medecin. Unlike Nice Etoile, Zara and many more; Avenue Jean Medecin is at the end of the main street of Place Masséna. The Place Masséna is a perfect place for experiencing historical sites with neoclassical architectures.Also, your eyes will feast the atmosphere and the surrounded beauty of the square.